The State of Arizona offers retirement plans so you can put aside money from each paycheck toward retirement. These plans can help bridge the gap between what you have in your pension and Social Security, and how much you’ll need in retirement. The available plans include:

  • 457(b) Traditional Deferred Compensation Plan – tax-deferred, available to all State employees paid through the state.
  • 457(b) Roth Deferred Compensation Plan — after-tax, available to all State employees who receive a check through the State.
  • 401(a) Deferred Compensation Plan – tax-deferred, and available to all fulltime, benefited State employees.

Check out the Plan Comparison Chart to compare the plans.

You can use automatic payroll deductions that go into investments you select from a wide variety of investment options. You also have access to a Personal Retirement Consultant and Nationwide’s Retirement Specialists.

Public notices/meetings

The governing body for the Arizona State Governing Committee for Tax Deferred Annuities and Deferred Compensation Plans posts all public notices of their meetings on the website. A paper copy is also posted at the entrance to the offices of NRS located at 3300 N. Central Avenue, Suite 600, Phoenix, AZ 85012. Here’s the 2021 Meeting Calendar.

Statutory Board Members:

  • Paul Matson, Director — Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) (Chairman)
  • Paul Shannon, Alt for Andy Tobin — Department of Administration
  • Ray DiCiccio, Alt for Andy Tobin — Department of Administration
  • Erin Klug, Assistant Director — Department of Insurance
  • Gabriela Macias, Division Manager — Department of Financial Institutions

Governor Appointed-Members at Large:

  • John A. Bogert, Retired Member
  • David Raber — Member (Vice-Chairman)
  • Michael Smarik, Deputy Administrator — Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS), Member

Legal Counsel for Board:

Cassie Adams, Office of the Arizona Attorney General – Assistant Attorney General, Agency Counsel Section

Nationwide Retirement Solutions:

Jim Keeler, State of Arizona 457 Deferred Compensation Program Director
Office address: 3300 N. Central Avenue, Suite 600, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Work: 602-293-1153; Fax 602-650-1278; E-mail: