AZ Smart Save

This past summer, the Governing Committee for the State of Arizona Deferred Compensation Plan asked for your help in rebranding itself. This included the adoption of a new name and logo.

Introducing AZ Smart Save

The new name is designed to communicate that 457(b) and 401(a) plan members make a Smart decision to Save through a plan designed to help you achieve better financial security in retirement. The logo was also inspired by Arizona’s predominant natural features.

Note: No action is required, this change does not affect your fund balance and fund options.

We’re also excited to inform you that AZ Smart Save renegotiated the Deferred Compensation Plan contract with Nationwide® last year. Our continued partnership brings you lower expenses.

To be good stewards of expenses, the transition to the new name and logo on Deferred Compensation Plan materials will be gradual. You will see the new name and logo starting this year and throughout next year. Forms with the older branding will still be valid and accepted. Regardless of which name and logo our materials feature, you can be confident that they are backed by a professional staff of Nationwide associates dedicated to helping you succeed through participation in the AZ Smart Save Deferred Compensation Plan.

Contact Us Please contact us with any questions or for additional information.

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